It’s a good time to be a David Bowie fan. Not only is a play based on The Man Who Fell to Earth, featuring original songs, set to begin next week (the Times visited the “strange, secretive world” of Lazarus earlier this week), but a new album, titled ★ (pronounced “Blackstar”), is also forthcoming. It’ll drop on Bowie’s 69th birthday, January 8.

On Tuesday, Bowie released a snippet of the album’s title track, via a teaser for the British tv show The Last Panthers, which features the song in its opening credits. (You can also listen to it on loop via the album’s website.) Now he drops a trailer for a short film set to accompany the moody, occult track.

The 10-minute film by Johan Renck (director of The Last Panthers as well as a few episodes of Breaking Bad and several commercials and music videos) will have its broadcast premiere on Sky Atlantic on November 19 at 8.45pm. But before that, starting at 3:30pm, Nitehawk will be showing it on the big screen. Head over here to sign up for a time slot and take note that even with a ticket to one of the five showings, seating is first come, first served and entry isn’t guaranteed. So queue up early to avoid this kind of scene.

The Times of London first brought news of the new album, describing it as “completely bonkers” and Bowie’s “oddest yet,” with touches of Kraftwerk and jazz. But an official announcement decried “inaccurate reporting on the sound and content of the album.” Either way, we’re most definitely cutting out of work and going to the movies Thursday afternoon.