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At Cafe Petisco. (@kayabilly on Instagram).

Don’t worry, it won’t be long before Broad City returns and washes The Bedford Stop from our minds. According to a tipster who lives on Ludlow Street, the show was filming there yesterday at Good Luck Car Service, between Grand and Hester Streets.

You know you live in a cool New York neighborhood when Ilana and Abby and crew are chillin across the street at your local Chinese taxi service. It looked like the two were shooting a scene where they were waiting for something. They sat in the same seats the Chinese drivers sit in smoking cigarettes and hocking loogies. They were sprawled out and there was an ambulance gurney.

(Photo: @yamashira on Instagram.)

(Photo: @yamashira on Instagram.)

Nice. While they were on the Lower LES, Abbi and Ilana also stopped into Cafe Petisco for an Interview magazine shoot.

Not much is known about the upcoming season, which begins in February — except that Alan Alda will make an appearance, an Israel shoot was canceled, and all signs point to a cronut parody shot in Williamsburg.