IMG_2007The SantaCon season starts earlier and earlier each year. We haven’t even put Halloween behind us, and yet in the East Village, the Continental has posted this sign, making it clear that it stands apart from the bro-bashing bars and community boards that would turn Santas away.

A few years ago, when the Continental was accused of discriminating against African Americans (it was eventually cleared by the city), owner Trigger Smith clarified on the bar’s site that his “ultra strict door policy and dress code” was just a move to keep out “saggy/baggy jean wearers white or black (mostly minorities of course), Jersey Shore knuckleheads (all caucasians) and the steroid pumping, wife beater wearing, meathead types, and even some women that dress gangsta style.” Safe to say that on SantaCon, the date of which still hasn’t been announced, the place will be a little bit more accommodating toward meatheads, at least.