Two B+B favorites, comedian Greg Barris and actress/comic Bridey Elliott (Fort Tilden), have teamed up for a new webseries that plays like a millennial Odd Couple. The first episode of Roommates hit the webz today. (And here you thought the latest, butthole-burning webisode of Hack Into Broad City would be the highlight of your day.)

Per the YouTube description, the series about “unlikely roommates who, despite their generational differences, work together to navigate the ins and outs of life in an East Village apartment” was created by Barris and fellow comic Michael Pomranz, both of whom co-wrote it with Elliott. Fun facts: the title design was by Dima “Fuck You I’m Batman” Drjuchin, and the music supervisor is Matt Kilmer of The Mast, who’s also music coordinator and composer for Louie. 

We’re guessing the material might just be based in reality, since Barris actually lives in the East Village with a younger roommate named Fiona. The bit about her having a crush on a construction worker is straight out of his stand-up act.

Speaking of which, next Tuesday, Oct. 13, Barris will host another installment of “Unbunned” at Union Hall with Dave Hill, Brooke Van Poppelen, and Barry Rothbart.