East Village residents sounded off to cops last night about noisy drunks, particularly those devouring artichoke slices into the pre-dawn hours.

At a meeting of the Ninth Precinct’s Community Council, one woman who lives next door to Artichoke Basile’s Pizza and Brewery, on 14th Street, claimed partygoers grabbing slices at the popular countertop joint were “drunk out of their minds” and their revelry “goes on until 5 a.m., seven days a week. They smoke cigarettes. I hear them and I see them. It’s a chronic problem.” The woman noted she had hired an attorney because “I need help. This goes on every weekend until 5 a.m. There needs to be more security. The drinking of alcohol–it’s a bad thing.”

Another resident living near Artichoke observed that the iconic spot is “too small” for its customers. “People buy the pizza and they sit on my stoop. There’s screaming and fights.”

Francis Garcia and Sal Basile, cousins who own the Artichoke chain, listened stoically as they sat in the East Village stationhouse. Garcia had already spoken about “remedies” the partners had undertaken to address noise complaints from locals, including the installation of “six layers of professional grade soundproofing material at our expense.” He also noted that Artichoke has hired a security firm that specializes in the nightlife business and removed the outdoor benches. “The elderly used our benches and now we don’t have them,” he said.

As for crime in the neighborhood, it declined over the last 28 days by nearly 10 percent with an almost 12 percent drop in felony assaults, according to NYPD Deputy Inspector Peter J. Venice.