(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Woody Allen’s Irrational Man is still playing at Village East Cinema, and yet — in typical Woodman fashion — he’s already on to his next one. A posting near Eldridge and Canal indicates that on Friday he’ll be filming his new one in the area.

Few details have emerged about the “Woody Allen Summer Project” (not to be confused with his in-production Amazon show) but Kirsten Stewart (who stars alongside Steve Carell, Jesse Eisenberg and Blake Lively) recently told The Hollywood Reporter that she plays a character that’s “quite buoyant and exemplifies lightness.” Photos from the Los Angeles and Brooklyn shoots show Stewart and Eisenberg in old-time garb. During a scene shot in LA last month (the first time Allen has filmed there since Annie Hall, the Daily Mail noted while sharing these photos from the set) they emerged from a theater advertising 1930s movies. Still more set photos show a car with 1936 plates, which would put the film in the Sweet and Lowdown era.

One potential spoiler: apparently the American Ultra duo smooch at some point.

If you have yet to check “seeing Woody Allen in action” off of your NYC bucket list and don’t care to shell out $165+ to hear him play clarinet (he’s back at Cafe Carlyle for the next three months), well then this is your chance. “WASP” will be shooting Friday from 6am to 1pm, with parking affected on the following blocks.