Yas kween! Broad City is BACK with six new webisodes, starting with a Yom Kippur-themed short that dropped yesterday. In it, Ilana “fasts” while tucked under a blanket depicting a naked black man. It’s the same blanket that Abbi gifted her during the “St. Mark’s” season finale — the one that Ilana said was “the most powerful and beautiful blanket since the AIDS quilt.” And if you remember all that, you’ll probably want to hit Broad City trivia this Sunday at Essex Restaurant.
The folks at Triva, AD are hosting upcoming trivia nights for Seinfeld, Mean Girls, and tonight, Full House — as if the new musical weren’t enough. But easily the most exciting showdown is their Broad City one, which will pit teams against each other over the course of 90 minutes and five rounds. Sign-up is free — just hit up the Eventbrite page.
Truth is, we’re not sure what the winner gets — maybe a dishwasher-friendly dildo?