What the hell happened? Seems as if Fall came out of nowhere, and fast. Dead leaves on the gross-ass ground, trash tornadoes from the sudden gusts of ice wind, and a slanted sun that disappears before you’ve had the chance to get out of bed. We’ve already heard people planning to split for the Waste Coast (lame) before it gets ugly. Thankfully, we’ve got a number of bands blowing into town whose sounds hail from warmer climates, reminding us we can always travel to these places in our minds when shit hits the fan.

Cold Beat, Home Blitz, MPHO, OCDPP
Saturday, September 19, 8 pm at Shea Stadium: $8
You’ll find some pretty amazing examples of subtle electronic influences on rock at this show. Bay Area band Cold Beat have some serious pop appeal with ethereal vocals, compliments of Hannah Lew (Grass Widow) and intermittently biting and pysched-out guitars. But all this niceness is cut with an edge of pared-down, New Wave electronics. They just released a new video (see above) that places them squarely in the ’90s hacker-static tradition. Lew may have left behind a rather charming twangy, garage sound but she’s traded it in for something much more now.

Homeblitz combine elements of hardcore, pop punk, early Nintendo games, and even the charming chirps of what sounds like a harpsichord. This is some serious Brooklyn nerd-core. You’d be a damn liar if you said you’ve heard this done before. Get there early for your straight-to-the-face shot of pure disco, brought to you by openers MPHO who’ve also proven they can write some pretty catchy rock riffs too.


Jonas Reinhardt, Evan Caminiti, A Pleasure, Udbhav Gupta
Thursday, September 17, 8 pm at Trans-Pecos: $8
For an unadulterated electronic experience, head to Trans-Pecos this week where only the highest quality ambient synthologists will be gathering in numbers. Is Jonas Reinhardt a little Euro in his sensibilities? Absolutely. Can he still maintain those elements in balance with bouncy, nostalgic synth-led space-jams without being cheesy? Sure can.

This show should be a total banger, not just because it’s Reinhardt’s album release party, but because Evan Caminiti will be making a rare solo appearance too. Slithering, intoxicating synths grind and groan like haunted planets or crisscrossing tectonic plates. It’s almost as if you can hear new regions mapping over one another– Bayou ghosts mingle with Tibetan monks and Indian cowbells while aging Soviet power lines crackle one last time before turning into dust.

Just when you thought the lineup couldn’t get any more solid, enter Udbhav Gupta of Mr. Twin Sister (headliners for this year’s Out in the Streets festival). We can’t say for sure what his solo act will sound like, but if it’s anything like Mr. Twin Sister’s avant-dream pop, we’ll be more than satisfied.


Crushed Out, Feral Foster, Lord Youth, Slingshot
Saturday, September 19, 9 pm at Aviv: $8
Crushed Out meld forlorn desert, Western vibes with the charm of a lullaby, of course if it was your witchy aunt rocking you to sleep.

On a similarly country tip is Feral Foster, though think New Orleans rather than Utah. Their sound traverses the ground between blues that’s bubbling over with oil, decay, and the devil himself and starry-eyed Roy Orbison proto-rock. Charming. We’ll take two.

Lord Youth is all stripped-down folk strung by a tortured, maybe strung-out Leonard Cohen-worshipping frontman. We couldn’t think of a better partner for the former pair. Whereas Slingshot will put us Brooklynites straight to blushing. Yes, gypsy punk is still alive and well. Hope for some tassel dancing and fire eating, it’s the only way out of this mess.

Quintron’s Weather Warlock Project, Ice Balloons
Friday, September 18, 5 pm at Secret Project Robot: Free
Speaking of Southern influences, New Orleans-based weirdo Quintron is hauling his Weather Warlock Project (an instrument he built that spews out sounds according to the weather) to Secret Project Robot for what’s definitely going to be an out-there show. Expect ambient tunes according to the sun’s rays (which will be setting by show time) and brightness of the moon, and pray for a thunderstorm because ghastly weather makes things real interesting.