"Tower Records," 2013. (Photo: City Reliquary's FB)

“Tower Records,” 2013. (Photo: City Reliquary’s FB)

After you’re done reminiscing about the Twin Towers by watching Man on Wire outdoors and The Walk in IMAX, head to City Reliquary to peruse some LPs that nod to the modernist masterpieces.
“Tower Records,” taking over the Williamsburg micro museum’s front room Sept. 12, displays nearly 50 LPs that Harry Rosenblum, co-owner of The Brooklyn Kitchen, has collected – all with covers that depict the pre-9/11 towers in some fashion. Unlike the Tribute in Light, which is to be admired from afar, a listening station will allow you to actually fire up records like Supertramp’s Breakfast in America, Mingus and Monk’s Europa Jazz, and Wilco’s Yankee Fox Trot (oh, wait, that’s Chicago’s twin towers).
If the name of the exhibit got you excited because you thought it was paying respects to the record-store chain of your youth (yes, there was actually a time when “CD bullies” weren’t the only one peddling compact discs), rest assured that Colin Hanks’s documentary about the rise and fall of Tower Records, All Things Must Pass, hits theaters October 16.
With everyone from Dave Grohl to Bruce Springsteen recalling the glory days of midnight record releases and free issues of Pulse! (you know, before the store at East 4th St and Broadway became the MLB Fan Cave), this is going to be even more of a throwback than Martin Scorsese’s resurrection of Sam Goody.