Hate to break it, but you’re running out of chances for #onaboat hashtags. Sure, you can always take a Margaritaville cruise out of Long Island in mid-October (the above flyer is not a creation of Tim and Eric) but — no offense, parrotheads — these seem like better options.

Widowspeak Record Release Party
Thursday, Sept. 3, 2015, boat boards at 7pm, departs at 8pm from E. 23rd St. & FDR Dr.; tickets $20
Widowspeak’s brand of a folk-infused shoegaze has been described as “floaty” and “buoyant,” so it makes sense that the release party for their new album (All Yours, which, true to its name, is currently streaming at KCRW) would take place on a boat. Who wouldn’t want to bask in Molly Hamilton’s “shimmering” vocals while gazing upon the equally shimmering waters of the Hudson? The river is also an apt location because (a la Bishop Allen) Hamilton and guitar player Robert Earl Thomas moved from Brooklyn to the Catskills before putting together the new album with some studio help from members of Woods and Quilt. They could probably just cruise to this show — with John Andrews and the Yawns — on a raft of their own tunes.

Good Room & Tiki Disco Summer Cruise
Sunday, Sept. 6, boat boards at 6:30pm and departs at 7pm from Pier 83 at W. 42rd St. at the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises terminal; tickets $30
Two words: Tiki Disco. On a boat. That’s about all the rabid followers of the summer throwdown helmed by DJs Eli Escobar, Lloydski and Andy Pry will need to hear, though it doesn’t hurt to know that the good folks over at Good Room are also involved. Remember the end-of-the-year bash a couple of summers ago in Rockaway? Take that and add water. According to the organizers of the first sold-out Tiki Disco cruise, back in July, “people got lei’d, the voguers let loose and beach balls went flying.”

Cosplay Cruise
Friday, Oct. 9, boat boards 8pm and departs 9pm from Pier 83 at W. 42rd St. at the Circle Line Sightseeing Cruises terminal; tickets $25
Okay, maybe we’re going a little, er, overboard with this one, but at the very least the first ever Cosplay Cruise looks like a good opportunity to float your Halloween costume by some real pros. On board will be cosplay models like Zombie Bit Me and Ryuu Lavitz, plus a bevy of bronies and other dresser-uppers competing for prizes.