Ain't she a beaut? Brooklyn Barge Bar-- pictured here back in July-- is finally open for bizz (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Ain’t she a beaut? Brooklyn Barge Bar– pictured here back in July– is finally open for bizz (Photo: Nicole Disser)

Summer just wasn’t the same without the barge bar we were promised. Everything else seemed so dull in comparison to a life of boozing at sea, afloat the ultimate dream boat (or barge, anyway). We may be nearly a week into fall already but nothing, not even the rotation of the earth, will stop the Brooklyn Barge Bar’s slow, purposeful path to a good time. If you’ve stuck with ’em, rejoice because the Barge Bar has finally sliced through all that red tape and opened up the gangplank.

It’s been a long journey for Brooklyn’s counterpart to the Frying Pan– we’ve known about their plans since back in February. In July, the Barge Bar’s (aptly named) owner, Will Drawbridge, told us that opening day was imminent. Things were looking nearly complete when we stopped by. Hell, Will even unfurled the umbrellas for us. Closing our eyes, and listening to the clamor of gulls and ferries streaming by, we could pretty much taste the rum.

However, something went awry– the bar canceled its 4th of July event and weeks passed with no word, until finally on Saturday it revealed via Facebook that things were looking pretty bleak for a minute there.

First thing – apologies for going silent on you all. Our future was very uncertain the last couple of months as we navigated the process for our final permit. We had no idea if we’d ever get this thing going until recently…like on Monday recently.

We are very happy to announce we did get the permit.

Over the weekend BB beckoned to its followers to come on down for cheap bites and booze on Saturday and Sunday. And after midnight last night they decided to forego closing on Mondays:

Opening at 4 pm today in an effort to find a cure for the Monday suck. Special thanks to Amy for letting us use her name for the new “Amy Crush” house drink. GREENPOINT ROCKS!!!

Seriously, we likely have only a very few many beautiful days left so it’s time to get out there and start knocking back those $7 bottles of beer. Yeesh, we know– but you’re paying for the view. Thankfully you can grip a $3 cob of grilled corn and some other cheap snacks. See the full food and drink menu here.

Brooklyn Barge Bar is located at 3 Milton Street on the Greenpoint waterfront; open this week on Monday (4 pm – 1 am) and until October 31st (11:30 am – 1  am) weather permitting.