(Photo via John Barclay's Facebook)

(Photo via John Barclay’s Facebook)

If all goes as planned this fall, John Barclay, owner of Bushwick dance destination Bossa Nova Civic Club, will be serving up over-easy eggs and bloody marys across the way at his new restaurant, which he’s calling an “elevated diner.”

Truth be told we don’t know exactly what’s gonna be on those plates, but you get the idea. After spotting the owner’s post on Facebook depicting an airy, angular restaurant complete with booths and diner stools, we got in touch with him via email to see what’s up with the new establishment at 1264 Myrtle Avenue.

While he says that the buildout is complete, they’re still wading through some red tape at the moment and need various permits and approvals from the city and state to move forward. As such, there’s no opening date just yet.

As for the food, Barclay said to expect “new American cuisine” as well as a “speciality coffee/ cocktail program.” The restaurant has plans to do it all by serving up breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, and late-night food. We can already picture the after-midnight crowd: hunched over the bar, smeared makeup, heels and fast-approaching hangovers. Sounds like the perfect way to end a night at Bossa Nova.