With the recent 20th anniversary of Kids, we’ve been talking about Lower East Side fixture Leo Fitzpatrick quite a bit lately. Just one more thing: you’re going to want to catch his coke-snorting cameo in The Mend, a new comedic drama out August 21.

Last time we saw Fitzpatrick — known more as a skater — in the presence of a car, he was bashing it with a tire iron in DoomsdaysThis time around he’s snorking coke off one.

The feature debut from John Magary, a graduate of Columbia University’s film program who was chosen as “25 New Faces of Independent Film” by Filmmaker, is basically a multi-car pile-up of dysfunction. One day Mat, a booze-swilling bad boy played with appropriate measures of infantilism and narcissism by Josh Lucas, descends on the apartment that his brooding brother Alan (Stephen Plunkett), shares with his girlfriend Farrah (Mickey Sumner). When Mat and Farrah, despite simmering tension in their relationship, leave for what’s supposed to be an engagement trip, Mat turns the place into his own personal pig sty and bachelor pad and then invites his latest fling Andrea (Lucy Owen) and her kid to crash. After Mat returns heartbroken, sans Farrah, he’s at first too shellshocked to deal with his brother/enemy (brenemy?) and the uninvited guests, but soon the blood-bonded odd couple is literally broing down, switching from being at each other’s throats to at each other’s sides.

The film is at once chatty and freewheeling, in the mumblecore tradition, but a tense, frenzied orchestral score by Michi Wiancko and Judd Greenstein gives it a dark, ominous edge. It’s worth a watch if you’re fan of, say, Listen Up Philip.

So where does Leo Fitzpatrick come in? Well, he’s paired on screen with Sarah Steele, the perky, petite one who played Hannah’s overachieving little cousin on Girls and was also recently in Nick Kroll’s Adult Beginners. Just like Fitzpatrick’s cameo in Broad City, this one finds him once again being a downtown bad boy, except instead of stealing bags on St. Marks Place while in his 30s he’s snorting coke off the hood of a random BMW on East 6th Street, not far from his East Village studio.

Next up for Fitzpatrick, according to a recent interview with skating site Ride, is a turn in the Apatow reboot Pee Wee’s Big Holiday, out next year.