(Photos: Daniel Maurer)

Joining the El Dorado Yacht Club at Diviera Drive this summer is easy — there are no rules, just show up Thursday night, when the eatery pushes all its outdoor tables to the side, brings in DJs and lets loose for a family-style celebration.
The 20-foot sailboat docked in the Italian restaurant’s backyard isn’t actually seaworthy, but the presence of its towering mast adds a certain whimsy to Diviera’s décor. Eventually the boat, salvaged by the restaurant’s owner during a trip to Montauk, will be gutted so it can be retrofitted with tables and chairs and/or a DJ booth. Its “for sale” sign is an inside joke, according to Diviera Drive manager Giancarlo Riina. “We’re keeping that boat,” he said with a laugh. “It is part of our establishment and will here forever.”
The restaurant, which opened earlier this spring, owes its spacious patio and greenhouse to the fact that it was once an auto mechanic shop. “It’s very unique to have that kind space,” Riina noted. And to fully utilize it, once a month the entire restaurant will turn “into a huge dance floor,” with two bars and two DJs. That’s hardly surprising, given that Stumm recently acquired Happy Ending in the Lower East Side, where he DJs regularly (he also owns Rintintin and Café Select).
The next big party at Diviera Drive (131 Berry Street, at North 7th) is this Saturday. Bring your boating shoes.