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Congrats, L-train riders — you’ve almost survived the shitty shutdown of spring 2015. To make the homestretch a little easier, uberPOOL and City Council Member Antonio Reynoso have worked out a deal that’ll let you get between L train stops on Uber’s ride-sharing service for just the price of a subway ride. And unlike the subway system, which won’t let you enjoy one lousy churro, there’s a free ice-cream sandwich in this for you.

In a press release, Reynoso says, “I’ve heard many concerns from my constituents, especially people who work on the weekends and small business owners, about the economic impact of the weekend L shutdowns.”

So he’s worked out a deal covering not just the L train stops that will be closed on nights and weekends through May 18 (that’s everything from the 8th Avenue-14th Street stop in Manhattan to Lorimer Street in Brooklyn) but also the Grand, Graham, Montrose and Morgan stops. And if you show your receipt at the Bedford Avenue location of the Meatball Shop, you get a free ice cream sando.

Here are the areas you’ll need to get picked up and dropped off in. Otherwise, you might just want to rent a scooter.