Is bacon played out? In our insatiable craving for more and more bacony goodness, have we finally reached the limits of human creativity, doomed forevermore to be subjected to monstrosities like this?

Not if the Great Big Bacon Picnic, coming to Williamsburg the weekend of May 16, has anything to say about it. It’s got over 100 chefs, restaurants, food trucks, brew masters, mixologists and culinary experts, all with bacon on the brain. And what sets it apart from other bacon fests, according to its creator Craig Taylor, is its sheer amount of pure, unadulterated, straight-up bacon.

“Bacon has kind of been a side item at some of these bacon festivals, and that certainly hasn’t been satiating bacon lovers’ idea of what a bacon fest should be,” Taylor said. The remedy? A “bacon bar” that serves unlimited samples of all different cuts and styles of bacon, not as one ingredient in a quiche but showcased plain in all its glory. Of course, there will also be plenty of wacky bacon recipes to try, including OddFellow’s maple bacon pecan ice cream.

(Photo courtesy of Pig Guy NYC)

(Photo courtesy of Pig Guy NYC)

The event will be indoor/outdoor — the lawn of the Old Pfizer factory will serve as a playground for several bacon-themed activities, including a bacon toss, where participants will compete to see how far they can accurately throw a piece of bacon into their teammate’s mouth. What’s the ideal kind of bacon to use for a good throw? “We found that it’s a full slice of moderatey cooked bacon,” Taylor said. “If nothing else, it’ll be funny to see a bunch of people getting hit in the face.” The game was inspired by his friend’s experience at Burning Man, where from a distance of about 50 feet a topless woman sitting on a man’s shoulders met his stare and threw the piece of bacon she was holding straight into his mouth. “That’s the legend, anyway,” Taylor said.

Will there be turkey bacon or soy bacon at the festival?

“Hells. No,” the website makes clear, just in case you thought this was a place where the calorie conscious or meat adverse could possibly find nourishment. From the site: “Though we may certainly see soy bacon at The Great Big Veg Out (coming soon), the influential ingredient in all festival dishes must come from a pig.”

There are three sessions:
• Saturday Afternoon 12:00pm – 2:30pm with VIP access from 11:00am
• Saturday Night 6:30pm – 9:00pm with VIP access from 5:30pm
• Sunday Afternoon 1:00pm – 3:30pm with VIP access from 12:00pm

A General Admission ticket will get you all of the following:
• Eat all that you want until you are stuffed!
• Copious spirits & beer – without becoming too obnoxious!
• A chat with some of NYC’s top chefs
• Free goodies from sponsors

The event also gives back to the local community; 10% of the net proceeds will be donated to various charities such as City Harvest. They’re also committed to doing everything in their power to promote the principles of the Slow Food movement, encouraging vendors to use local suppliers and farmers who produce organic and sustainable ingredients.

The Great Big Bacon Picnic takes place May 16 and 17 at The Old Pfizer Factory, 630 Flushing Ave., between Tomkins Ave and Marcy Ave.