(Photo of Mark Hogancamp's photo, by Daniel Maurer)

(Photo of Mark Hogancamp’s photo, by Daniel Maurer)

Last time we admired the art of Mark Hogancamp, subject of the fantastic documentary Marwencol, it was in Red Hook, at a Pioneer Works exhibit that focused on the female figures who populate the miniature World War II-era village that he built in his Kingston, New York backyard. Since then, Steve Carrell has signed on to play Hogancamp in Robert Zemeckis’ dramatic adaptation of the doc, and now the real-life Hogie is returning to city for what will be his largest exhibit to date.

“Hogancamp’s World,” at Soho’s relatively new Allouche Gallery (among others, the gallery reps heavy hitters like Faile and Ron English) will feature over 40 original works by the photographer, and we’re told that around 25 of them haven’t been seen before.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marwencol (one of New York‘s “20 Essential Documentaries of the Century”) it follows Hogancamp, who suffered brain damage after he was nearly beaten to death by five men in 2000, as he recovers from the incident by using Barbie dolls and action figures to build a fantasy land in his backyard. Hogancamp continues to maintain his own little world, complete with sci-fi-influenced story lines and a miniature version of himself named “Hogie.” Hence, photo descriptions like “Anna, Hogie’s Wife, Brings Him a Raincoat After a Bloody Skirmish.”

You can see that 2014 photo and others in a PDF file previewing the works that’ll be on display. And according to Hogancamp’s reps at One Mile Gallery in Kingston, you can see the artist himself at the exhibit’s opening this Saturday, May 16, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. Just make sure to rsvp to info@allouchegallery.com or 212-966-6675.

“Hogancamp’s World,” May 16 to 31, Allouche Gallery, 115 Spring St., Soho; rsvp required for opening May 16 from 7-9pm.