1545169_10152483347651706_2017354149556436323_nWelcome to another end of the work week. You’re probably busy eyes-locked on the clock counting down the seconds until you can sprint out the door, straight into the nearest bodega, and pop the cap off your brown bag to bliss. Too busy to look for what the hell you’re gonna do with your ears tonight. Lucky for you we have a few stellar options lined up for tonight and beyond. We have a tiny dose of punk for you, but we’re holding the Big Gulp until next week, so get ready. In the meantime, step outside of the only genre that matters for a few minutes and you know, expand your mind.

Suicadas, Future Primitive, Creeping Dose, Dilate, Pox, Lakras
This might be your only chance to catch a decent punk show until next weekend when New York’s Alright, the city’s raddest punk fest, kicks off.  The Spanish punks of Suicadas (not to be confused with Generation Suicada) offer a glimpse into a more melodically-focused, sweeter scene happening across the Atlantic– in Barcelona, to be precise. You could bring these boys home to mom, no problem. If you don’t understand the lyrics you might think their songs are heartfelt love ballads or raunchy lust odes. They’re not, but I won’t spoil it for you. Or maybe I only know Kitchen Spanish and I can only tell you these boys certainly don’t speak in such a dialect.

Leora Colby is snarl incarnate, her voice is steeped heavily in disgust and disappointment, the perfect driving force behind Philly/ Brooklyn post-punk band Future Primitive. Being a full night of sounds, this is a full-ass bill: Creeping Dose (NYC hardcore), Dilate (demon death noise from New Brunswick), Pox, and Lakras (Latino punk also from New Brunswick). Wednesday April 15th, 6 pm at Don Pedro: $8 at the door



International Winners Collective: Bodega Bay, Richard Album, Fortunate Dad, The Hut #1

Kids, put your hands together for the dark sing-a-long of realness Bodega Bay is about to durchfall all over Aviv tonight. I couldn’t think of a better stage match than Richard Album, a charismatic rock n’ rollsman from Chicago. Stylistically he’s a cross between Vampire Weekend (sorry, not sorry), Jonathan Richman, and Kevin Barnes (the disco obsession, c’mon), though with greater emphasis on that middle dude. He charmingly stumbles over lovetorn lyrics, stuttering, uttering, with absolutely zero apologies. All my thumbs are up.

Oh man I have a soft spot for bands like the Hut #1– a bunch of nerdy dudes doing bouncy garage rock. Don’t ever, ever, learn to sing please. Show no mercy and just keep treating that guitar like you were treated as an unpaid intern. Hut’s opening, so it’s wise get there early.

Fortunate Dad makes minimal synth beats with bizarro breathy rap voice overs that float the line between naive and creepy. Cognitive dissonance like whoa. A mysterious act called Slashed Tries (sic, bbs chill) will also be joining. Friday April 10th, 8 pm at Aviv: lucky number $7


Dances, Tiny Hazard, Afraid of Bees, Half Waif

I feel like all the decidedly not punk bands are coming out in throngs this weekend as if to say, despite that really cool fest on the horizon, you should really consider the merits of not punk music too. To that I say, OK– I’m trying. And this adorable indie daydream rock band Dances is helping. I’m literally tapping my foot right now.

My oh my, Tiny Hazard is full of surprises. Swaying from saltine-thin bedroom pop to sludge to experimental synth to passionate piano meditations — sometimes within the span of a single song. Unafraid to utilize silence, whispers, softness, and what might otherwise be thought of as “sweet” sounds to convey a feeling that’s the opposite of weak, sometimes teetering on the brink of madness. Weird, weird stuff.
Afraid of Bees create impressive, expansive pop landscapes that at first ring with familiarity but explode outward into complex psychedelic layers. Thank you for not being another band that sounds like all other indie bands. They’re not doing that “now” sound or that annoying, lingering early aughts Williamsburg sound (ugh), they’re doing their own damn thing and it’s pretty neat. Friday April 10th, 7:30 pm at Palisades: $7


Upset, Colleen Green, Charly Bliss

Hell yes. If you’re not familiar with Colleen Green‘s 90’s pop rock diddies, you damn well should be by now. Her newest album, I Want to Grow Up shows a different side of Colleen– a little more produced, OK– but she maintains that same DIY, me and my drum machine and guitar spirit. More catchy pop punk to back Ms. Green– Upset (high-pitched LA vibes). Friday April 10th, 8 pm at Shea Stadium: $10 advance/ $12 at the door