The Greenpoint cardboard-box artisan might be fake, but the Bushwick artist who puts cardboard boxes on his head is completely real, and he’ll be showing his trippy “sculpture helmets” during Armory Week.

Christopher Stout of Bushwick Art Crit Group recently visited his colleague Eric Gottshall’s studio to peep the latest in his series of “stereoscopic periscope helmets.” Okay, they aren’t just cardboard boxes — these days Gottshall fashions them out of wood as well as mirror optics and periscope lenses intended to “force the viewer into this incredibly heightened state of awareness for their immediate surroundings.” (That must’ve been what Michael Fassbender was going for in Frank.)

Gottshall tells Stout that when you wear one of these things, “You feel like you’re almost in a video game — you feel like you’re watching yourself on a tv screen and there’s a sense of immediacy and there’s also a sense of, ‘This is not my immediate — this is something that I’m sitting physically out of and this is just something that’s visual.’ And it’s really funky.”

Sounds funky indeed. If you’re put off by the site of Gottshall walking around in these things (and you thought Google Glass was conspicuous), you can try one on virtually by watching the videos on the artist’s website.

I tend to get motion sickness from stuff like this (even the videos are a bit upchucky), or I’d be tempted to wear one of these to the Helmet show later this month. Or is that like wearing the band’s t-shirt to the concert?