There’s never been a better time to have your cable service cut off for non-payment. First new webisodes of High Maintenance and now this: I Hate Being Single has returned to the interwebz for a second season.

The first webisode, which dropped today, features writer-star Rob Michael Hugel (the primary writer-director of Broad City’s first season as a web series) and Shannon Coffey, who are just hilar together (especially when their talking about Girls). In it, Rob, still a miserably single sap, gets stop-and-chatted by some familiar faces (Casey Jost of Impractical Jokers, Akilah Hughes of It’s Akilah, Obviously!) as he charges through the streets of Williamsburg, late for work. We promise: the ending will speak to anyone who tried to ride the L train this morning.

Coming up this season, as four more episodes premiere every other Wednesday: exploring Tinder, the “perfect” girl, an escape from Brooklyn, and a battle with bed bugs. It’s a date!