The twin snowmen of LoLoEaSi, last month. (Photo: Angelo Fabara)

The twin snowmen of LoLoEaSi, last month. (Photo: Angelo Fabara)

Way back in 2006, New York published a map of the newly trendy “Lower-Lower East Side” with an intro that read: “Not so long ago, you’d have done anything to get away from the Lower–Lower East Side. Now you’ll do anything to come back.” It’s amazing that it took almost nine years for the area between Delancey and Canal to be called LoLoEaSi, but it has finally happened.

A lot has changed since New York‘s map: Guss’ Pickles, Milk & Honey, Happy Ending, Little Giant, El Bocadito, East Side Company Bar, Brown, Les Enfants Terribles, and Good World have all closed, moved, or morphed. But a whole new crop of restaurants has popped up. Which is why Immaculate Infatuation has published a guide to “LoLoEaSi” spots like Mission Chinese, Pies N Thighs, and so on.

This isn’t the first time someone has given a dubious name to the area bounded by Essex to the east and Allen to the west. Previous attempts to dub it BelDel (the monicker Timeout used when it published its own map of the area in 2006) seem to have fizzled: Curbed last used the name in 2011. That site first adopted it in 2004, when it reprinted this list of potential nicknames for the area courtesy of the Co-Op Village community forum:

TAB – triangle between the bridges
SoBo – South Broome
SoSo – South Soho
BelDel – Below Delancey
BBV – between Baruch and Vladek
FDR Drive Left Side
The Far East
Upper Madison – “to be confused with Upper Madison”
Little Willie

While all of those are pretty terrible, none of them were quite as bad as Belancey, which mercifully failed to catch on after blogger John Ball suggested it.

So will LoLoEaSi stick? Several days after ImInf’s roundup was posted, the name still hasn’t gained much Twitter traction. But with new developments (like the opening of Lindsey Thornburg’s new store) occurring daily, we have a feeling this won’t be the last of #LoLoEaSi.