After laying low for a while, quintessential Brooklyn band They Might Be Giants is back in a, well, gigantic way. Earlier this month they rebooted Dial-A-Song, reminding us that they were pushing the music-release envelope when Beyonce was (literally) in diapers. And now they’ve announced a video contest judged by none other than Black Francis of The Pixies.

At the beginning of the year, TMBG brought back the tradition, started when John Flansburgh and John Linnell shared an apartment in Brooklyn, of debuting songs via answering machine. (This was back in 1983, around the time they were playing East Village clubs and releasing new material by stapling flexi discs to trees in Tompkins Square Park.) Just like the Walkman’s relaunch, Dial-A-Song 2.0 is a bit more high tech: not only can you dial a toll-free number (844-387-6962) to hear a new song each Monday of the year, but, each Tuesday, you can play the song at as well as on YouTube (the video for today’s track, “No Cops,” is above).

As if this, combined with the band’s upcoming shows at Music Hall of Williamsburg and its three forthcoming albums, wasn’t way too much fun to keep track of, they’re now holding a contest to see who can come up with the best video to their song “Erase.” Budding Spike Jonzes, take note: not only will your video be judged by Black Francis (beware, he has been known to debase contestants by kicking them in the taco), but $1,000 prizes go to the three winners. Details on how to enter the contest are right this way.