(Courtesy of The Cardinal)

(Courtesy of The Cardinal)

The East Village may well be the fried chicken capital of New York: Unidentified Flying Chickens, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken, BobwhiteEmpire Biscuit, Somtum Der, Root & Bone, the list goes on. But a restaurant that hit the neighborhood before any of those has had enough.

“Best fried chicken in NYC?” The Cardinal squawks on its website. “While walking around the East Village yesterday I noticed three separate restaurants with the claim ‘the best fried chicken in NYC’ displayed on sandwich boards in front of their respective establishments. How can this be?? How can there be three restaurants within three blocks of one another all claiming to have ‘the BEST fried chicken in NYC’?”

Then the restaurant (presumably its owner, Curtis Brown) throws down the gauntlet: “Now I understand there is no accounting for taste and that people’s idea of the best fried chicken in new york city may vary; that being said our fried chicken IS the best in New York City.” In fact, the restaurant insists: “in a straight up chicken battle we SLAY all competitors.”

And to prove it, The Cardinal is offering a special during the month of January: “three pieces of chicken (the best in New York City) a biscuit (the best in the world) and a Budweiser (the undisputed King of Beers) for $10 Sunday-Thursday.”

Sounds like the East Village’s restaurants need to have a fry-off. Or are they chicken?