IMG_0023-2La Nonna isn’t the only Williamsburger that’s closing its original location. Jane is closing the North 6th Street location it opened as a pop-up in 2010 and moving over to its two-year-old store on Grand Street.

Manager Katie Brainer pointed to a shift in demographic similar to the one the owner of Lavai Maria observed when that store moved to Greenpoint in November. “With all the bigger retailers moving in – J. Crew, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel — a lot of the smaller stores that were here when we first opened up, stores that we grew with, have closed,” said Brainer. “Which is kind of sad.” (Let’s not forget Madewell, which opened down the block in October.)

Brainer said Williamsburg now consists of “a lot more families, people who have more disposable income but they want to shop at the big-box stores because they know those brands.” She added that “Now you have people looking for something they can wear to work, it’s not really that urban kid crowd.”

For those who do appreciate Jane’s “super girly” clothing and accessories, the store is having a 30%-off sale until it closes at the end of the month. Soon after, the location at 135 Grand Street, which will officially be known as Jane Brooklyn, will host a rebranding party. We’ll keep you posted on the details.

Update: Roy Rim, who opened the store with his wife Jane, tells us the North 6th Street store didn’t close because business was slow. Rather, he said, “We have never had a long term lease with that location, it was after all a pop-up store. And that has always been stressful for us. We could never improve or renovate the location since we never knew when we would have to leave. Ultimately instead of waiting for a landlord to tell us it was time to leave we decided to leave of our own accord and focus on the home store and online.”