(Photo courtesy of Woodrocket)

From “The Shining” by Lee Roy Myers (Woodrocket via Death and Taxes)

True story: Stephen King taught me the P-word. So it makes sense that Hotsy Totsy Burlesque – the troupe that tarted up The Big Lebowski – is paying homage to the Master of Modern Horror.

The set-up for the tribute, happening Feb. 12 at The Slipper Room, goes something like this:

Handsome Brad is thrilled to have won “The Stephen King Scariest Story Ever Written Contest.” The prize is a writer’s residency at the isolated (and haunted) Overlook Hotel during the off-season, where Brad will be finishing his book and chewing on aspirin. Knowing that all work and no play makes Brad a dull boy, he has decided to throw a burlesque blow out party and he has invited Cherry Pitz and the gals from the Home For Wayward Girls and Fallen Women to pop up during the off season for a show.

It could really go anywhere from there: will Cujo rip off someone’s clothes in a frothy frenzy? Will Pennywise seductively shed the clown outfit? Will her religious-nut mom tell Carrie that they’re all going to laugh at her if she strips during prom? Will Children of the Corn become Children of the Porn? One thing’s for sure, things will probably heat up in more ways than one during the Firestarter routine. And there will almost certainly be twins inviting you to come play with them, even if it’s already been done in more than one Shining porn parody.

By the way, Hotsy Totsy is nearly as prolific as King himself. They’ve already lined up their next show: Game of Thrones burlesque is coming March 12.

Hotsy Totsy Burlesque’s tribute to The Master Of Modern Horror Stephen King, Feb. 12 at 8pm at The Slipper Room, 167 Orchard St., at Stanton St., Lower East Side; tickets $10