Adam Dare

(Photo: Scott Lynch)

Late Friday afternoon in Soho, a 66-year-old woman died after falling or jumping from the window an 11th-floor apartment on Greene Street. [NY Daily News]

A Brooklyn teacher and her husband were arrested for child endangerment on Thursday after allegedly abandoning their kids (ages 4, 5 and 12) to get drinks and tattoos on the Lower East Side. [NY Daily News]

Grande Monuments, a generations-old maker of headstones, has shuttered in Williamsburg. [Jeremiah’s Vanishing NY]

See the sad remains of the Domino Sugar Factory. [Animal NY]

Nicknamed “the world’s smallest screening room,” Pioneer Jr. will set-up shop before Christmas in the old Two Boots space on Avenue A. [EV Grieve]

According to The Underground Gourmet, the $6 bread basket at newly opened Semilla in Williamsburg is worth the dough. [Grub Street]

Watch “Stay with Me” singer Sam Smith‘s new music video, filmed on our stomping grounds. [Refinery 29]

Check out this budget neighborhood gift guide—10 presents to pick up in Bushwick for less than a Hamilton ($10). [Bushwick Daily]