The standby line at UCB, 1:30am. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The standby line. (Photo: Daniel Maurer)

The tweet came from UCB on Saturday afternoon: “SECRET REVEALED: @broadcity live will have the last show of their tour TONIGHT AT UCB CHELSEA.”

Free tickets for the surprise 1:30am show went fast, but the few dozen standbys who showed up were ushered right in, and got yet another surprise once inside: a screening of Season 2’s first episode.

Before that, though, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer treated everyone to a routine they called “Soundtrack of Our Lives,” in which they picked the ideal songs to accompany those “most precious moments” (Ilana imagined being born to the tune of Chic’s “Le Freak”; Abbi opted for the theme to Dawson’s Creek, to the delight of the “#Creekers” in the audience).

Here, Ilana may have made enemies with Julian Casablancas by claiming that one of life’s precious moments, brunch, is universally loved. “Okay, it’s more of a first-world universal,” she admitted. “Nobody else is combining two meals to eliminate one.”

After a few more of life’s precious moments (receiving oral sex to “I Enjoy Being a Girl” or Bonnie Raitt’s “Something to Talk About”, depending on whether you’re Ilana or Abbi), UCB’s artistic director, “Chungo,” was wheeled onto the stage. Wearing a creepy kabuki mask and cloaked in garbage bags, the faceless Chungo terrorized random audience members by demanding to hear a “fucked-up secret” from each of them. (Chungo’s secret: under the mask was UCB’s actual artistic director, Shannon O’Neill, who played Marla Bevers in season one of Broad City.)

And then it was time to preview season two, which Abbi told everyone is currently in the editing stage of production. We won’t give away too much about the first episode, but you may want to stop here if you’re spoiler averse. As you already know from watching the trailer, Seth Rogen factors into this season. His character, Stacey, manages to seduce Abbi despite a major case of moob sweat while he fries some seductive fajitas in her AC-deprived apartment.

The “swamp ass” timeout they take while hooking up drew one of the bigger laughs of the night; immediately after, “male Stacey” passes out from heat exhaustion, but Abbi doesn’t realize it until right after she has “finished.”

The next day, Ilana is walking down the street, glibly accusing Abbi of having “raped” him.

“He passed out from the heat,” Abbi insists. “He seriously wanted it.”

“That is literally what they say,” Ilana notes.

Later, after Abbi smokes out and sucks face with what turns out to be a 16-year-old in an NYU dorm, Ilana softens: “You made out with a minor, you finished a couple of moments after a dude went unconscious – you’re a sex offender at worst, welcome to the club.” (The “hard to get into club,” Ilana clarifies.)

The Curb Your Enthusiasm-esque material was obviously written and filmed before the case of Bill Cosby turned this into a national raw nerve. But it may still spark some chatter when the episode premieres January 14. After all, Hannibal Buress – the very comedian who turned the spotlight on the Cosby accusations – makes an appearance in this episode, in a scene in which Ilana dim-wittedly relates animated movies and the euphemism “the little girls room” to “rape culture.”

Of course, none of this seemed to faze the hardcore fans who packed into UCB. They were too busy cracking up at the story of where Ilana and Lincoln met. And we’ll let you find that out for yourself.