(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

This is not a rendering. This is the new Apple store.(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Last week the Post broke the blockbuster news that Brooklyn’s first Apple store was coming to Williamsburg. We’d been trying to nail down rumors of the store’s arrival for some time, but we admit it: we got scooped like a small batch of artisanal ice cream.

Now, however, we have definitive word that an Apple store will open on Bedford Avenue tomorrow.

Details are still emerging, but inside sources (as in, the guy who was inside of the shop when we knocked) tell us that Sprint will open a store at 193 Bedford Avenue. And it will sell Apple products. Which makes it an Apple store, okay?

As you can see from the photo, the store — less than a block away from the new Dunkin’ Donuts and the new Starbucks — currently has no signage, fueling speculation that this might be a rogue alterego of a Sprint store, a la Urban Outfitters’ “Space Ninety 8” and the Starbucks “Reserve.” Either that or they just haven’t put their sign up yet.

Though the store is clearly trying to fly under the radar, it’s already further cluttering up Bedford Avenue with ads for the iPhone 6, indicating that Apple may be trying to colonize Williamsburg’s strip just like Marc Jacobs did with Bleecker Street.

We’ve posted up at the intersection of North 7th and Bedford to get outraged reactions to the new store. If you see us, please speak clearly into our Voice Recorder app.