(Photos: Angelo Fabara)

(Photos: Angelo Fabara)

If reading about Body Actualized’s closing bummed you out, take heart: at the same time the Center was having its last blast on Saturday, Kenny Scharf was celebrating the expansion of his Cosmic Cavern.

The Cavern, in case you’ve never had the pleasure of getting your face painted dayglo there during one of the pop surrealist’s occasional Cavern A-Go-Go parties, is the basement of Scharf’s warehouse space in East Williamsburg. It’s decked out with all manner of glow-in-the-dark bric-a-brac (basically, imagine the ceiling of the ’21’ Club — but flourescent, and on the walls, too).


Last week, Scharf and his fellow artist Scott Ewalt once again opened its doors to those in the know, this time to celebrate the expansion of the Cosmic Cavern Museum. We brought back some photos and video from the scene.


A party attendee who talked to Scharf told us that he recently took over a back room that used to belong to a print shop and Scharf-ified it. According to ArtNews, the “museum” will be open only by appointment — it came about after art adviser and collector Glori Cohen convinced the increasingly LA-based artist not to abandon his live-work space in the Possibly Unnamed Neighborhood West of Bushwick, as the olds who aren’t as hip as Kenny call it.


If you missed Saturday’s party, sorry, we have no idea when the next one will be. You’ll wanna follow Scharf on Instragram to find out. And remember — entry is through the sidewalk grate and free for “phantasmaphlorescent phassions.”