Hey there! Are you going to the movies this weekend? If not, you should definitely reconsider because there are some fantastic movies out right now. Seriously, go see them before we are bombarded with Big Hollywood holiday season bull butt.

A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night
You had me at black & white vampire movie, really you did– but add in tags like stylish, Jarmusch-esque, Iranian, Western with crossdressing, sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll and you’ve seriously sold me a million times over. This is filmmaker Ana Lily Amirpour’s impressive film adaptation of her own comic book series by the same name, which makes sense, because it’s a little Frank Miller (in all the right ways though, thank heavens). The film premiered at Sundance this year to critical acclaim n’ such, so it’s got that going for it too. Just go see it. The Director will be present for a Q+A tonight, so don’t sleep on it, K? Friday November 21st through Tuesday November 25th, IFC Center; tickets, $14

OK, I know we were being sassy about this before. But we just wanted to point out that this is still playing at lotsa places around town, and since Nitehawk is probably the most fun theater to see a funnysman’s movie at because you don’t have to  deal with smelling like cheap rum all over night after spilling your flask on yourself and your date, maybe it’s high time you go see Birdman or go see it for the third time. Friday November 21st through Thursday November 27th at Nitehawk Cinema; tickets, $11

Ultimate darkness, but Pascalina is hilarious darkness nonetheless, think Happiness or, better yet, Welcome to the Dollhouse. Pascalina is kind of a screw up and totally punchable. Sure, she’s run into some bad luck, but like, ugh just get it together Pascalina! She’s always late for work and her face is always so…droopy. But everything changes when Pascalina inherits a spirit capable of violence from her dead aunt, “a cross between a ghoul, a werewolf, witch and vampire in Filipino folklore, known for being shape-shifting fetus eaters.” If that’s not weird enough, this film was shot entirely on a low-fi Japanese toy camera, to bizarre effect. Friday November 21st, Tuesday November 25, and Sunday November 30th at Spectacle Theater; tickets, $5 at the door

Purple Rain
I don’t think we need to tell you why you should go see MF’ing PRINCE on the big screen. I, for one, haven’t caught Purple Rain in a real live movie theater before, so you bet your baubles I’ll be there with aforementioned flask of cheap rum in hand. Friday November 21st and Saturday November 22nd at 11:55 pm at Sunshine Cinema; tickets, $10 

St. Vincent
Ok, so Bill Murray fandom has reached peak seriously-annoying. But we do have to admit we still love hearing stories of him hopping behind bars and serving up drinks to bewildered customers or hopping onto spaceships and being all like “take me to that comet! I’m an astronaut too guys, LOL!” So even though Bill Murray fandom is about as cliché as fetishizing pizza, or wearing a shirt with a mustache on it, we simply can’t help ourselves. Anyway, the old dog is at it again in St. Vincent as a curmudgeonly old “get of my lawn” type of dude who it just so happens loves strippers. Bill befriends a neighborhood new kid on the block who’s something of a dork at the local Catholic school. Sounds creepy but they do all sort of cute Bukowski-ish things together like hang out in dive bars, go play the horses at the tracks, and make fun of all the dum dums around town– in the process the pair of misfits become unlikely best pals. I’m crying right now really, I can’t go on. Friday November 21st through Thursday November 27th at Village East Cinema; tickets, $14