(Photo: courtesy of Nora O'Malley)

(Photo: courtesy of Nora O’Malley)

Back in September, we discovered that there would be a new wine bar on Avenue C. Now we’ve tapped the owners for details.

We say “tapped” because at Lois (named after its Loisaida location, naturally) all wine will be on draft. That’s right: Nora O’Malley, a former manager at Alphabet City Wine Co., and Phoebe Connell, a former manager at ABC Beer Co., are taking the latest wine-world trend to the extreme.

O’Malley says their main objective is to keep prices low. When Lois opens in mid-February, you can expect to find wines from around the world, ranging from $4 to $11. Another reason for going nuthin-but-taps? “It minimizes waste,” says O’Malley, “You never have to throw away part of your product.” It also allows them to let customers taste wines without having to throw away corked bottles. A keg system under the bar will prevent oxidation and keep the draft wine fresh.

Small plates ($6 to $12) will be made specifically for wine pairing, according to Connell, who received her Masters in Food Studies from NYU. The menu will change seasonally, but here are some dishes you can expect for starters:

• Assorted cheeses and charcuterie
• House-made pickled seasonal vegetables
• Cassoulet: casserole with white beans and either sausage, duck confit, or slab bacon
• Vichyssoise: thick soup with potatoes and leeks
• Chocolate mousse with preserved lemon sea salt

The friends are also following another trend by crowd sourcing to funds for their bar. In just 11 days, their GoFundMe campaign has taken off, raising $12,550 from 66 people. With each donation level, Lois is offering little gifts like free drinks, wine and cheese pairings, VIP parties, and of course, their love and gratitude.

The two new business owners have known each other way before their moves to New York. Strangely enough, they went to high school with each other in Cleveland, but didn’t become good friends until Conell, 28, posted about a manager position at Alphabet City Wine Co. on Facebook years after. O’Malley, 27, is now a manager at Alphabet City Wine Co. while Connell is a manager at ABC Beer Co. down the street. As luck would have it, a building went up for rent right between the two shops, and they jumped on it. O’Malley says that Lois might serve a few ABC Beer Co. beers on draft, but nothing from the wine store.

If you’re still one for bottled wine, here’s a tip: Alphabet City Wine Co. recently started delivering.

Lois, 98 Avenue C, bet. East 6th and 7th Streets.