(Photo: Jada Yuan via Twitter)

(Photo: Jada Yuan via Twitter)

Thought right-wing bloggers were the only ones slagging on Lena Dunham? Doodles on her subway ads say otherwise.

“Writers like this make empty a reality,” wrote an amateur critic (in cursive, no less) over crossed-out out blurbs from the Times, David Sedaris and George Saunders. Followed by: “Become More Than This.”


We spotted the critique in the Morgan station late last night, but by this afternoon it had been smudged out:


Perhaps Bushwick’s own Zosia Mamet was looking out for her castmate — though with a dubious rap video going viral today, Shosh has her own PR battles to fight.

Meanwhile, other scratchings make reference to Dunham’s story about “being a weird 7 year old” and essentially playing doctor with her sister, who has defended the passage. At the Lorimer stop, the author got this unfortunate mustache.


At another stop, someone wrote: “Chapter One: I Molested My Sister!!!”


Also this.


With threats of a defamation lawsuit flying, we doubt Dunham will be as forgiving about these as she was when those Girls ads got defaced: