(Photo: Death By Art)

(Photo: Death By Art)

It pains us each time we have to bring up the closing of Death By Audio, but we can at least be comforted by the fact that the venue is truly making each and every last night count up until the final show on Saturday, November 22.

Not only has the venue shifted into overdrive and is hosting some truly incredible shows, but they’re taking advantage of some of the otherwise closed-off space in the building. The people at DBA have handed over “The Ranch” to more than 100 artists who have transformed it into a gallery and living shrine to DIY.

The exhibition, Death By Art, opened last night and is free and open to the public every Saturday and Sunday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m., and accessible during show time with the purchase of admission. You’ve got plenty of time to check it out, because DBA is having a show every freakin’ night until the Grim Reaper calls.

Alison Sirico, Peter Fankhauser, and Mackswell Sherman of Big Law Country Club in Bushwick teamed up to create an altar-like installation devoted to DIY in Williamsburg. The artists write that, to them, the closing of DBA is not just the loss of a great venue and community space, but “it is the last candle blown out of a once colorful and artistic neighborhood.” The artists are inviting people to leave offerings for the DIY gods.

There’s also a photo gallery featuring work chronicling the Brooklyn DIY scene and even an indie video game arcade. There’s all sorts of other interactive stuff happening, as well as sound installations, video projections, sculpture, and murals on view. Check out DBA’s handy dandy little map to see where each artist’s work is located.