(Photo: Palisades)

(Photo: Palisades)

Hey you! There are a bunch of shows worth checking out all over town this weekend and beyond. Things are getting down to the wire at Death By Audio, so definitely make your way over there while you still can.
Ricky Eat Acid, Tristan Allen, Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, and Trabajo at Palisades
The other side of the dark electronic noise music that’s been so innnn lately (well, depending on who you talk to)  is this cutesy experimental stuff by Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa, and Ricky Eat Acid. I can’t imagine what people do at shows like this, so maybe it’s best to go and find out for yourself. Something tells me it won’t be your regular noise fans standing motionless, looking downward, faces obscured by infinite darkness.

If you can’t handle all the sugar, come early and leave early, because Trabajo has some ambient hippie beats for you that are less ear-to-ear-smile. Friday November 14th, 8 pm at Palisades in Bushwick; tickets at the door, $10

Guantanamo Baywatch, The Numerators, Rips, and Special Guest ??? at Death By Audio
The psychotic surf rock of Guantanamo Baywatch might be the only good newish music I’ve heard come out of Portland besides Dead Moon progeny Pierced Arrows. Their tunes will definitely inspire a sloshy Friday night. The Numerators are also on the list, bringing in some mathy, noisey rock music to get your blood flowing, and Rips, a Brooklyn-based sort of shoegaze garage outfit are opening. Friday November 14th, 8 pm at Death By Audio; tickets, $10 at the door.

Future Punx, Priests, Downtown Boys, Pink Wash, and B-Boys at Death By Audio
Talking Heads wannabes Future Punx are headlining this Monday show at DBA, but the real meat of this show is brought to you compliments of the rest of the bill like the D.C. punks of Priests. Downtown Boys of Providence have some serious sax blasting over those punk tracks, which will no doubt make for a wild live set. Post-punk band Pink Wash from Philly close the deal. Monday November 17th, 8 pm at Death By Audio; tickets, $10 at the door

Schaefer Beach Dead DJ Brunch

(Baby's All Right)

(Baby’s All Right)

I hate advocating for anything related to brunch, but Baby’s All Right doesn’t do ordinary brunches, no sir. I can’t make any promises, but you probably won’t find the undergrown sons of real estate moguls pouring champagne down each other’s pants here. Or maybe you will. Choose your own adventure. DJ Ge-Ology will probably have some seriously awesome vinyl up his sleeve, but what’s intriguing about this Saturday’s iteration of the most-depraved-meal is its proud display of dancing bears. You don’t have to beg us to take advantage of the NYPD’s announcement that they’ve all taken the marijuana cigarette  they are not so much in the business anymore of busting low-level pot crimes, and thank you Baby’s All Right for reminding us. Saturday November 15th at Baby’s All Right; free with brunch 

The Flag, KNTRLR, Friend Roulette at Silent Barn
These bands missed out on their CMJ showcase due to the Ebola shutdown at the Gutter. But clearly, these guys aren’t pissed at Dr. Spencer and his kind — on the contrary, proceeds from this show go to benefit Doctors Without Borders and representatives from the Artists Access Program at Woodhull Hospital (a special health coverage program that gives artists the opportunity to pay for treatment with their artwork) will give a presentation just prior to the show. Tuesday November 18th, 7 pm at Silent Barn; tickets, $7 at the door