(Photo: La Petite Mort's Facebook)

(Photo: La Petite Mort’s Facebook)

Taylor Swift’s new role as the Big Cupcake’s “Global Welcome Ambassador” made every New Yorker want to step in and say “Imma let you finish…” But rather than merely festering in outrage, Lower East Side boutique La Petite Mort went ahead and conscripted the legendary Chico to do a memorial mural for the bubbly bopper.

“Taylor Swift is the brand ambassador and the hottest rapper in the world is from anywhere but here (CANADA?!),” LPM writes in a private Facebook invite. “We here at La Petite Mort are. NOT. HAVING. IT.”

Tonight at 6 p.m., the store at 37 Orchard promises an “all out no holds bar punk rock show IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FUCKING STREET,” stressing that, “This isn’t for any marketing or about solidifying us a official brand. THIS IS ABOUT OUR LIVES IN MUSIC. We are the people that aspiring rock stars go through on their way up – the studio engineer, the artist, the bar tender, the promoter, the back up singer – and the people they try to cling on to on their way down. When Taylor Swift is done using NYC as a backdrop to sell what she calls music we will still be here, we will always be here, and on Halloween night we will let everyone know.”

The street concert will feature Bradley Dean & The Terminals, whose drummer Jake Smith is the subject of a photo retrospective at LPM. Joining them will be Dark Chambers, Village Psychic, and Sunshine Gun Club.