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Indoor Comedy Shows, A Multitude of Taylors, and More Performance Picks


(image via LAWL / Eventbrite)

Thursday, May 25 at New Women Space, 7 pm: $5

It is good to laugh, and there are allegedly real scientific statistics to back up such a claim. In fact, I just found something literally called the Laugher Online University, and you know what, I have a lot of questions about it.  But why spend your time on weird websites when you can venture into the real world and get some actual laughter?

You’re in luck— Thursday night is LAWL (Ladies and Womyn Laughing), Arti Gollapudi’s comedy night showcasing women, trans, and gender non-conforming funny folk. Gollapudi is no stranger to curating spaces prioritizing these groups, as she is also a co-founder of the Comedy Cunt Collective. Tonight at LAWL, you can see jokes n’ silly stories by Sue Smith, Shannon Odell, and Wanjiko Eke. And if I’ve made you too curious about this University of Laughter, you can always just look it up on your phone in between acts or something. More →

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‘We Have Lost Our Mind’: Clayton Patterson’s Response to Taylor Swift

Just in case Chico’s cheeky memorial doesn’t get the message across to Taylor Swift and the New York trolling tourism board, another LES legend, Clayton Patterson, has come up with a video response to her appointment as the city’s Global Welcome Ambassador. Above, check out Taylor celebrating Patterson’s footage from the ’88 Tompkins Square Park riot, GG Allin’s last show, and drag and hardcore shows at places like The Pyramid (which recently experienced a corporate co-opting of this own). Patterson emailed it to us along with the thoughts below.
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Taylor Gets a Swift Kick in the Ass From La Petite Mort

(Photo: La Petite Mort's Facebook)

(Photo: La Petite Mort’s Facebook)

Taylor Swift’s new role as the Big Cupcake’s “Global Welcome Ambassador” made every New Yorker want to step in and say “Imma let you finish…” But rather than merely festering in outrage, Lower East Side boutique La Petite Mort went ahead and conscripted the legendary Chico to do a memorial mural for the bubbly bopper.
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