With signage (and yarn art!) now up at the Starbucks that’s set to open near North 7th and Bedford, who will rise like Atlas to hold the indie cafes on their shoulders?

A local cafe’s petition accusing Starbucks of “threatening to undermine a major lifeline of Brooklyn’s small businesses” by applying for a liquor license has only netted 125 signatures online (and a bit more IRL), so it’s clear more is needed.

Luckily, a hero walks among us. And that hero’s name is J.Crew, champion of local authenticity.

As we last week, the company’s denim chain, Madewell, is set to open Wednesday with a party welcoming itself to North 6th Street, between Bedford and Berry (so, a couple blocks from Starbucks). Plywood recently came off of the storefront, revealing a window decal pointing to neighboring Toby’s Estate. “This place has awesome coffee,” it informs. Aww, how sweet. We had no idea this Toby’s place was any good until the jeans store from the mall near our parents’ house came and told us so. But where can we get a darn-good massage? Once again, it’s Madewell to the rescue! An arrow pointing to its right-hand neighbor, Corcoro salon, reads: “Get a great haircut here. And a darn-good 10-minute massage.”

But it doesn’t stop there: the brand — “with the help of a few local friends” (maybe Diesel’s pop-up?) — has created a neighborhood guide, The Time Waster’s Guide to Williamsburg & North Brooklyn, that will be available at the store. By the looks of the online preview, Madewell not only knows where to get good coffee, but, naturally, it knows just the place to buy a terrarium.