Here’s a buncha films we’re psyched to see this week and beyond. We won’t go completely spooky on you until next week, so enjoy our handful of non-Halloween picks in the bunch while you still can. But don’t worry, we’ve still got at least one slasher on deck for ya.

Oh hey this one’s kind of a big deal– it’s the Edward Snowden documentary. Laura Poitras is the filmmaker behind CitizenFour, and as the first person Snowden contacted with his big secret, she’s developed a special way of seeing the NSA whistleblower. The New Yorker put out a fantastic profile of Poitras that we highly suggest checking out in conjunction with the film, because apparently Poitras, though a huge part of the Snowden story, prefers to remain in the background. The IFC Center will welcome the filmmaker for a few introductions and Q&A sessions at a handful of screenings, so get your tickets early if you’d like to see Poitras in person. Friday, October 24th through Thursday, November 20th at IFC Center, various showtimes; tickets, $14

4th Annual Spectacle Shriek Show
Because one horror film is never enough, Spectacle is bequeathing one lucky audience with almost 12-14 straight hours of scary movies spanning from the 1960s to 2014. The Williamsburg theater has done this in the past, but they promise this year will be the “craziest yet.” Check out the full schedule over here. Our first pick for the marathon is Kolobos (screening at 5:30)– a 1999 Dario Argento-inspired slasher film which follows a reality show as it quickly devolves into a murderous nightmare. Another intriguing film on the list is The Strange Color of Your Body’s Tears, another film inspired by Italian horror classics, this Belgian movie is a highly stylized creepy erotic thriller. Saturday, October 25th noon till past midnight at Spectacle Theater in Williamsburg; tickets, $5 for individual films and $25 for the entire day, purchase or at the door

This Pre-Rosemary’s Baby classic from Roman Polanski is the close-up story of a woman unraveling at the seams. See what happens when she totally loses it and munch on brunch at the same time. Saturday, October 25th and Sunday, October 26th at Nitehawk Cinema in Williamsburg, noon; tickets, $11

(Photo: Light Industry)

(Photo: Light Industry)

Blue Tape
In 1974 downtown writer Kathy Acker and artist Alan Sondheim hooked up, so to speak, but instead of just leaving it at that, the pair decided to lock themselves away for 48 hours and document the experience. The result is Blue Tape — a video that’s not just about the attraction between the two artists, but the aesthetic debate they engage in. Chris Kraus wrote in Feed: “When Sondheim faces Acker, Blue Tape becomes a shoot-out between high minimalism and what would become punk’s new narrative.” Tuesday, October 28th at Light Industry in Greenpoint, 7:30 pm; tickets, $7 at the door

I don’t know about yous, but this is myyyyy personal favorite horror movie of all time. Dario Argento, the duke of Italian horror film, brings you psychedelic colors, blood splatter, psychosis, black magic, and disembowelments– what more could you want? Oh wait, then there’s the killer GOBLIN soundtrack. Be there or be [  ]. Friday October 25th and Saturday October 26th at Nitehawk Cinema, 12:05 am; tickets, $11