A couple of weeks ago operators of the Starbucks that’s set to open at 154 N 7th Street got an earful from Williamsburg residents at a community board meeting as they pled their case for selling beer and wine. According to Gothamist, the owners of a nearby coffee shop, The West, managed to wrangle 500 signatures in three days opposing the liquor license. But nevermind all that: the ‘bucks is determined to win the hearts and minds of Williamsburgers — via (what else?) yarn bombing.

London Kaye, who’s responsible for some of our favorite crocheting around town, posted the above photo to Instagram yesterday, showing a piece she put on a construction fence at the incoming location at the corner of North 7th and Bedford. It’s uncertain whether Starbucks commissioned it (we’ve pinged her to find out) but either way, she seems to be a fan of “the perfect cup of coffee” (then again, she might be referring to her own rendering. It is a pretty sweet piece, even if no portrayal of a Starbucks cuppa is complete without the smell of singed poo.)

Christine, author of the C’est Christine blog, ‘grammed another shot of the installation and wrote, “I can’t decide what I hate more: (another) Starbucks coming to Williamsburg or that they know the way to my heart is through yarn bombing?”

While the girl in the retro skirt seems to be genuinely enjoying her p-spice latte, the butterflies are most likely just there to use the bathroom and tap into some free wifi at a place that’s empty enough that they don’t feel guilty about parking there and getting a few quick posts up while they hope no one sees them. Also these people have no idea what a cortado is.