Okay, there wasn’t really a creffle kerfuffle, it just looked good in the headline — but people did tweet about Creffle Cafe when it recently opened on Stanton Street, serving the waffle/crepe mash-up that, for better or worse, is called the creffle.

If you read about it and thought, “Good god, why are NYC’s cheap eats getting so twee?”, take heart: a decidedly non-twee dollar slice joint is moving in just a couple doors down.

Signage for 99¢ Fresh Slice Pizza went up today. Given the slight name difference, it’s unclear whether this is an imposter or an actual branch of 99¢ Fresh Pizza, the granddaddy of the dollar-slice chains that opened an East Village outpost this summer. But somehow we doubt the hungry souls who wander the Cologne Zone on a Friday night will be picky about it.