(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Just a couple of days after Sutra closed on the Seinfeldian corner of First and First last week, Boilermaker opened up across the street. Watch out for this one: true to its name, the new incarnation of Golden Cadillac features a menu of beer and shot combos, including a six-pack of Miller High Life ever-so-tastefully paired with six shots of bourbon.

You’ll need to come with a couple of your bros or broettes to partake in that one, and you’ll also need to be in a group to enjoy the $45 punches. Otherwise, there’s a range of spirit-forward cocktails, one of which is offered on tap. We tried the Full Windsor and can vouch that it is “spirit-forward,” as advertased. Advertitized? Whatever, here’s the drink and food menus, including an array of wings n’ things by chefs Miguel Trinidad (Jeepney, Maharlika) and Ellicia Zitsman.

Single – $9
Double – $10
Veggie – $7

Cheddar – $1
American – $1
Bacon -$1

Jumbo Wings – $5, $10
Wings come with choice of ranch, curry ranch or blue cheese. Additional sauces $1 each.
BBQ Wings  $7, $13
Spicy Wings  $7, $13

Fries – $5
Onion Rings – $5
Veggie Chips – $6 – A combination of white, purple and sweet potatoes, lotus chips and white yams with our homemade red pepper tofu dipping sauce

Mayos $1
Homemade Aioli
Chipotle Mayo
Celery Seed Aioli
Fennel Aioli
Fig Aioli
Truffle Mayo

Doughnut Stars – 9 mini doughnuts sprinkled with cinnamon, ginger and sugar. Served with our raspberry chipotle sauce and espresso brownie sauce.

$11 – Kentucky Buck (Bourbon, fresh lemon, strawberry, housemade ginger beer and bitters)

$11 – Ninth Wonder (Blanco tequila, fresh lime, Ancho Reyes & crème de cacao)

$11 – Capricorn (aged rum, fresh lime, Batavia Arrack, Falernum & pineapple Gomme)

$11 – Oceanside (London dry gin, fresh lime, mint, sea salt & celery bitters)

$11 – Hattori Hanzo (Scotch, fresh lime, crème de violette & absinthe)

$11 La Pina Verde (green Chantreuse, fresh lime, fresh pineapple juice & coconut cream)

$11 – Storm Shadow (Jamaican rum, Demerara rum, fresh lime, brown sugar & molasses)

$11 – Trophy Wife (Blanco tequila, fresh lemon, Aperol & Vanilla Gomme)

$11 – Rock & Rye (rye whiskey infused with herbs, spices and fruit)

$11 – Blood of My Enemies – Barbados rum, Amaro Montenegro & Punt e Mes

$11 – Ken Burns Effect – Rye whiskey, Oloroso sherry, Maraschino liqueur & Angostura bitters)

Naragansett Lager, Ancient Age 80 Proof Bourbon – $4

National Anthem: Brooklyn Lager, Old Grand-Dad Bonded Bourbon, $8

Beer Eye on the Straight Rye: Two Brothers Cane & Ebel Red Rye Ale, Sacerac 6yr Rye – $10

Machete in Space – Tecate, Cabeza Blanco Tequila – $8

Dark & Bitter – Victory Storm King Stout, Ramazzoti Amato – $9

Bucket of Boilermakers (for groups of 3 or more) – Six pack of Miller High Life, Six Shots of Buffalo Trace – $45

$5 – Tasmanian Tiger – exotic tiki spices, fresh lime, pineapple juice & Caribbean bitters

$5 – Season Finale – Fresh lemon, fresh grapefruit, raspberry Gomme & Peychaud’s bitters

$5 – Pomegranate Phosphate – homemade grenadine, Charged Seltzer & acid phosphate

$45 – Pisco Punch (from Bank Exchange, San Francisco) – Pisco Peruvian brandy, fresh lemon, pineapple & exotic spices

$45 – Honey spiced Punch (White rum, Jamaican rum, fresh lemon, Falernum, honey and Angostura bitters)

Highballs – $10
Five String Banjo – bourbon & Billy Pilgrim’s vanilla cream soda

Uncle Jalapeno – Blanco tequila, jalapeno & Prince Robot’s pineapple soda

Cool & Refreshing – $16
Zombie (maximum two per guest) – Barbados rum, Jamaican rum, 151, fresh lime, fresh grapefruit, Falernum, grenadine, cinnamon, Gomme, absinthe & bitters

Spirit Forward – $11
Full Windsor – Scotch, Calvados, sweet vermouth, Benedictine, Peychaud’s & Angostura bitters

Boilermaker, 13 First Ave., nr. First St. (212) 995-5400