(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

There are still a couple of months till Halloween, so what’s this skull doing in the middle of First Avenue?

The past few nights, we’ve noticed it eerily lurking in the bike lane divider on First Avenue, near East Seventh Street — giving the lush greenery that was recently planted there a sort of Cambodian killing fields vibe. We sort of shrugged it off, but after that in the Bronx earlier this week we were like, “Okay, maybe this skull is a little bit creepy.”

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There isn’t much about the skull on social media — the closest thing we could find was Wizard Skull handing out his racy Ronald McDonald stickers at the McDonald’s across the street. Oh, that Wizard Skull! (There’s also a Skullphone sticker on the same block.)

But we can tell you this much: after once again encountering the skull last night, we returned during the light of day and were at least assured that it’s made out of dirt, with a pate of moss or somesuch growing atop it. Not nearly as creepy in broad daylight.

And now we can’t get this song out of our head.