(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Signs on Avenue B indicate that an “Untitled Xmas Project” will be filming on the avenue tomorrow at 6 p.m.

Could it be Jonathan Levine’s Christmas film, starring the Seth Rogen alongside Joseph Gordon Levitt, Anthonie Mackie and Lizzy Caplan? After all, the movie recently started filming in New York, by the looks of photos of the Apatow acolyte sporting an elfish ginger beard.

It would appear so: we noticed a sign outside of Sunny & Annie’s, on the corner of East 6th and A, that said the beloved bodega and sandwich spot would be closed tomorrow due to a film shoot. The woman at the counter told us, “Seth Rogen is going to be here.”

According to the Daily Mail, which published the on-set shots, the movie is about “three childhood friends who arrange to meet up for their annual Christmas Eve reunion.” Deadline adds that Jillian Bell of 22 Jump Street will play “the wife of Rogen’s character who gives the pals a cornucopia of drugs on Christmas Eve so they can have one last hurrah together.”

Sounds like we’re veering dangerously (delightfully?) close to SantaCon territory

Update: Signs on Clinton Street, between Rivington and East Houston, indicate the film will also be shooting on the Lower East Side tomorrow.