(Courtesy Il Buco)

Four years after Il Buco stopped hosting its yearly pig roasts after a neighborhood activist put up a stink, the pioneering enoteca has announced that it’ll once again host a Sagra del Maiale.

And that’s not all: to celebrate 20 years on Bond Street, it’s bringing back a hall-of-fame of former chefs for a series of special dinners.

The $25-a-plate pig roast will take place Sept. 21, from 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.; chef Francis Mallman, an expert in “infiernillo” cooking, will be on hand to plug his new book and help turn 300-pound pigs into roast pork, porchetta panini, and sausages, to be served alongside pasta and ricotta fritters. Wait, ricotta fritters? We totally buried the lede there…

Here’s the lineup of chefs who’ll be preparing $125 prix fixe menus:

  • Monday, September 15 – Jody Williams (Buvette)
  • Tuesday, September 16 – Sara Jenkins (Porsena)
  • Wednesday, September 17 – Justin Smillie (Il Buco Alimentari e Vineria)
  • Thursday, September 18 – Joel Hough (il Buco) and Roger Martinez
  • Friday, September 19 – Christopher Lee (Chez Panisse, Eccolo)
  • Saturday, September 20 – Ignacio Mattos (Estela)

You can reserve online via OpenTable.

Update: The original schedule has been revised following an update from Il Buco: “Chef Amanda Freitag will actually no longer be cooking, and in her place, Chef Joel Hough and il Buco Alimentari’s new chef – Roger Martinez – will be cooking together on Wednesday.”