(Courtesy of Wooly's)

(Courtesy of Wooly’s)

We got so excited about the opening of the East Village’s first “snow cream” parlor that we neglected to mention that Wooly’s has been serving a similar product – which they call “shaved snow” – since 2011. And this summer, they’ve been doing a weekend pop-up at Orchard Street banh mi joint An Choi.

Unlike Snowdays, Wooly’s doesn’t use heavy cream in its shaved ice, opting instead for milk, sugar, and flavors like macha green tea, strawberry, and crème de menthe. “Everyone that’s tasted our product and theirs tells us theirs is more similar to ice cream and ours is more on the lighter side,” says founder Eugene Hu.

Not that it’s that light: Wooly’s does a dulce de leche, and for the An Choi pop-up (open Wednesday through Sunday) they’re serving a special Vietnamese iced coffee flavor.

But it’s the secret flavors – announced on social media – that are the most exciting. This Wednesday through Friday (they’re closed for Labor Day on Saturday and Sunday, then back next week), they’ll be offering a “party rocks” flavor consisting of Fruity Pebbles and Pop Rocks.

What, no Riced Krispies?