IMG_0314Speaking of the East Village’s ever changing shopping landscape, the upper reaches of Third Avenue, where NYU’s Third North dorm is parked, are seeing a lot of change. Here’s a rundown of what’s going in and what’s on the way out.


  • Basics Plus is due to replace the beloved Surprise! Surprise! next Tuesday, according to the house-ware chain’s GM, who says it’ll be the brand’s biggest store yet. Expect the merchandise to be similar to the location up the avenue near East 18th Street.
  • GNC is opening soon in the old East Hardware store, in the NYU dorm at 77 Third Avenue. We would call these folks up to find out when, exactly, they’ll start selling giant tubs of diet pills but really, who cares.
  • Heavenly Market has announced its imminent opening via a sign in the window of the old Fern Cliff Deli space, also at 77 Third Avenue. organic fruits, deli, salads, sandwiches, organic juice and smoothies, 24 hours daily.
  • Westside Market – The East Village location of this uptown market is due to open at 84 Third Avenue in the “coming weeks,” according to a rep.


  • Jennifer Convertibles – the chain’s store at 111 Third Avenue (which we’ll be honest, we never really noticed) is closing, according to signage on the window that advertises discounts of up to 70 percent.
  • Birdbath – after mysteriously going dark in recent days, the Third Avenue location of the City Bakery offshoot has gone the way of the First Avenue store before it, and is now completely gutted.
  • Citi Habitats, next to Birdbath, is also a goner — and no, Citi Habitats isn’t repping the space.


  • Archie & Sons – the friendly neighborhood lunch counter near St. Marks Place is “closed for remodeling during the month of August,” per a sign that promises, “See you in a few weeks!”
  • As previously mentioned, AuBreve Espresso has closed “for renovations” at 51 Cooper Square.
  • The Mud Truck, which usually parks on Astor, a block over from Third Avenue, is on “summer break.”


  • A location of Korean fried-chicken chain Unidentified Flying Chickens (aka UFC) recently opened at 60 Third Avenue — a worthy successor to the Taco Bell that used to be on this block.
  • And while we’re keeping score, Funkiberry opened at 88 Third Avenue back in June.