Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 12.51.45 PMChaz Brown, former chef at ever-popular West Village restaurant Fatty Crab, is focusing his efforts on land crawlers this time around. When it opens at 71 Clinton Street next Thursday, Seoul Chicken will be all about the wings.

An invite for a pre-opening party describes the place as “a creative wing bar where East Asia meets the American South.” Given that Unidentified Flying Chickens recently opened in the East Village, we can officially declare Korean fried chicken a trend. But beyond that we’re sort of in the dark– Brown’s been pretty good about keeping everything about Seoul Chicken under wraps. The restaurant’s sole tweet reads:

Well, at least that’s settled.

However, Seoul Chicken gave us a peek at their menu, which apparently is in the works to be revised– so no promises. What we saw were several varieties of wings, not one of which you would find in a certain strip mall establishment (habanero kimchi) and some that might be considered pretty adventurous (palm sugar and kalamansi, anyone?). Shocking, right?

But guests can also order a half or whole fried chicken, either regular or spicy. We spotted several non-wing snacks, all with Korean-inspired ingredients. There are even a few vegetable-centric items for the weirdos who would come to a spot named Seoul Chicken looking for vegetarian fare, but who are we to judge. Think fried cauliflower, curry, yogurt, and miso.