Photos courtesy Re.Union

The stretch of Williamsburg luxury rentals that houses Patisserie Tomoko just got a chic new coffee bar.

Eldad and Inna Mashiach, a husband-and-wife team that recently emigrated from Israel, opened Re.Union on — you guessed it — Union Street this Monday. So far, business has been good. “We were actually laughing that all the plates that we’re taking back to the kitchen are clean,” Eldad says.


That’s no surprise, given a menu that boasts fresh, local, homemade ingredients. Sandwiches include beet-and-vodka-cured salmon served over a toasted baguette with butter, scallions and tomato juice ($12); balsamic vinegar, blueberries and brown sugar reduction over goat cheese with arugula on top ($9); and a fancy grilled cheese with cheddar, tomato jam and smoked bacon ($10).


Re.Union works with local businesses for their coffee and pastries, too. They serve Stumptown Coffee and fresh Balthazar pastries in the morning, and also have cold-brew on tap.

Here’s the place’s kind of amazing Brooklyn-themed wallpaper, complete with drawings of the Cyclone and Biggie.

(Courtesy of Re.Union)

Re.Union, 544 Union Ave., nr. N. 10th St., Williamsburg