(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

(Photo: Daniel Maurer)

Kate Buenaflor, owner of The Soft Spot, is opening a new spot in Williamsburg next Thursday: Kilo Bravo, which we’re guessing draws its name from military slang meaning to kick back. A tall glass of their Frozen Spiked Root Beer will definitely help in accomplishing that.

Kilo Bravo casts itself a “decidedly all-American bar,” which isn’t completely unusual for the neighborhood. There are plenty of New American restaurants around these parts. But what sets Kilo Bravo apart, according to a press release that reads like it was penned by Guy Fieri, is that “it exceeds the demand of a thriving neighborhood’s hunger for edginess, whimsy, and invention.” We’ll give you that one, KB: Billyburg could really use a little more edge amidst all the strollers.

And KB isn’t just shooting for rabbit hide, no sir, they are going for the big buck. Not content to rest at pulled beef sandwiches, cocktails like the Long Island Cinna-mint Tea, and domestic draft wines, Kilo Bravo is catering to the “serious local drinker” with a special menu of 50 cocktails representing each 5-point on our star spangled banner. We imagine Hawaii is a hollowed-out pineapple filled with refreshing coconut water and dreams. Definite potential for California to be tasty. But wait, does Ohio taste like tar and Lake Erie? Is Iowa a tall glass of corn ethanol? Does Missouri taste like plain ol’ injustice? All these things are plausible — after all, KB guarantees to deliver their “delicious menu in an environment with attitude,” and one that is “warm, comfortable, yet provocative.”

We plant to visit tomorrow to find out what exactly that means, and will report back.

Kilo Bravo, 180 N. 10th Street, bet. Bedford and Driggs Avenues