(Courtesy of Akashic Books)

“Catatonic” (Courtesy of Akashic Books)

Last time David Yow visited Word in Greenpoint, he was with his bandmates in Jesus Lizard. Tonight’s appearance will be less about the Lizard and more about — cats!


Yow is presenting his new book, Copycat: And a Litter of Other Cats, which gathers about 80 illustrated cat puns. According to his publicist at Akashic, the Brooklyn-based publisher of The Jesus Lizard Book and now this one, the firebrand frontman has been doing pun-happy cat portraits for over three decades, starting with his friend Tom’s cat (aka Tom Cat).

Though he’s sold prints on his website and the originals in galleries, this is the first time Yow’s cat-toons (see what we did there?) have been collected into a book.

CatBurglar At tonight’s signing at Word, which starts at 7 p.m., he’ll be talking to Jason Diamond of Vol. 1 Brooklyn, and you’re welcome to ask your questions about Yow’s cats (Little Buddy, Penny, and Nico) while sipping on free beer.

No offense to Jason Diamond or Brooklyn Brewery, but Yow’s appearance tomorrow at Metro in Chicago is bound to be even more exciting: he’ll be interviewed live by famed feline Lil Bub, who blurbed the book.